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A family passion

The same dedication has been passed down from father to son since 1920

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The wines which exude elegance, delicacy and sweetness are produced in red, white and rosé

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Since 2008, to make another step in this way, we use biodynamics preparation and treat with mix of herbs to reduce Cu and S.

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The Pic Saint-Loup

It'll blow your mind.

It is the most traditional and prestigious of the Coteaux du Languedoc wines. Benefitting from a unique micro-climate, under continental and Mediterranean influences, the Pic Saint-Loup wines naturally combine freshness and structure and have a well-marked identity.
The clay and limestone soil owes its texture and structure to mudslides from the Pic.
The vines are situated in the communes of Saint Mathieu de Tréviers, Triadou and Fontanès.

Pict Saint Loup

La Dame

Art and Wine

Woman with the hat – Roger Bonafé

The work of internationally renowned painter Roger Bonafé is expressed with colour and grace. He lives in the South of France and exhibits all over the world, from Japan to the U.S.
His art is much more than simple juxtaposition: the colours, shapes and effects are minutely studied to form a harmonious composition. Au fil des années, ses aplats sont fondus et simplifiés.
The « two Rogers » have long been friends – the painter and the winegrower. From this friendship has sprung “La Femme au chapeau”, which now hangs in the reception hall of the Clos des Augustins wine storehouse.
Roger Bonafé has graciously given permission to the Clos des Augustins to use « La Femme au chapeau », and it is used on the labels of the domain’s wines. The original of the triptyque can be seen in the main hall of the wine storehouse.

The Terroir

Twenty kilometres north of Montpellier, at the border of the Gard and Herault, two French winegrowing regions, the Pic Saint Loup is the highest of the northern Languedoc hills and possesses one of the most prestigious vineyards. The Pic Saint Loup (658 m) and the Causse de l’Hortus (512 m) dominate the surrounding hills which are up to 150 metres in height.
Pic Saint Loup wines have a strong identity. This unique characteristic comes from clayey and chalky soil from fallen debris as well a micro climate.
The vineyard is under Mediterranean and continental influence, in which temperatures vary from very high to quite low, especially in summer when it is hot during the day and cool at night.

La Dame